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Profile & Competences


I have +30 years of international Process and Mechanical Engineering experience of which +25 years are from Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Critical Utility projects undertaken at undertaken at CU Engineering, Novo Nordisk Engineering A/S and Novo Nordisk A/S.

Having completed a M.Sc. in Dairy Engineering and Engineering Technology Management I have a broad process related background based on technical understanding and microbiological knowledge.

I have had the following responsibilities:

  •         Novo Nordisk A/S DFP Clean Utility Specialist, responsible for global technology network and support for CU production unit?s world wide

  •         International Senior Project Manager responsible for the Process and Mechanical Design, Installation and Commissioning of a Greenfield Insulin Filling Plant

  •         Department Manager for up to 40 professional engineers at NNE Pharmaplan
    (form known as Novo Nordisk Engineering A/S)

  •         Undertaken project committee work at NNE Pharmaplan

  •         Project Manager on various Clean Utility projects

  •         Leading Business Process Re-engineering project on re-engineer approach to how project work is undertaken

  •         Project engineer on Clean Utility Commissioning and Qualification projects

  •         Plant engineer responsible for operation, maintenance and undertaking various capital works.

For further details please download full CV here (PDF)



     Key Competences:

  CU Engineering - Ydervang 11 - DK-3460 Birkerà­ Denmark - +45 42 40 11 09 -   Voluntary Projects