Profile & Competences


Jeppe Kjems is CEO at CU Engineering and project responsible at CU Safe Water.

M.Sc. in Dairy Engineering and Engineering Technology Management. With 35 years of international experience, of which +25 years are within the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries, I posses broad experience ranging from the production floor to top management. Due to my change management experience gained from various organizations, cultures and countries, I have the ability to make a significant difference on projects or in a busy production environment.

Work ethics are based on reliability, optimism and energy. I put big effort into making dreams and goals come true.

Key competences:

1.   Project Management, Communication and Cultural understanding

Project Management experience covers all project phases from Client Brief, Design, Installation & Commissioning to Handover & Follow-up. Travelling in 75 countries have given me a broad cultural understanding.

The specialist knowledge comes from working 35 years with Sanitary and GMP critical design, supervising projects, as well as participating in regulatory audits and conducting supplier audits.

2.   Subject Matter Expert

Years of international experience working with Critical Utilities at all levels from the production floor to top management.

Working as a Peer Reviewer and a Clean Utility Specialist at Novo Nordisk has contributed to the qualification as a Subject Matter Expert according to “Risk Based Validation”.

3.   Microbiological background

Microbiological background combined with a strong technical expertise has often shown to be the key when trouble shooting “Out Of Specification” situations or performing “Failure Investigations”.


Summary: 35 years of international Process and Mechanical Engineering experience of which +25 years are from Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Critical Utility projects undertaken at CU Engineering, Novo Nordisk A/S, NNE Pharmaplan A/S. Through the voluntary projects at CU Safe Water, I gained valuable learnings cooperating with several NGO’s.

Having completed a M.Sc. in Dairy Engineering and Engineering Technology Management I have a broad process related background based on technical and cultural understanding.

I have had the following responsibilities:

•  CEO at CU Engineering and Project Responsible at CU Safe Water

•  Novo Nordisk A/S DFP Clean Utility Specialist, responsible for global technology network and support for CU production unit’s world wide

•  International Senior Project Manager responsible for the Process and Mechanical Design, Installation and Commissioning of a Greenfield Insulin Filling Plant

•  Department Manager for up to 40 professional engineers at NNE Pharmaplan (former known as Novo Nordisk Engineering A/S)

•  Undertaken project committee work at NNE Pharmaplan

•  Project Manager on various Clean Utility projects

•  Leading Business Process Re-engineering project on re-engineer approach to how project work is undertaken

•  Project engineer on Clean Utility Commissioning and Qualification projects

•  Plant engineer, responsible for operation and maintenance


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  • DK-3460 Birkerød
  • Denmark
  • +45 42 40 11 09